Steve: *He meticulously arranges the flowers around the headstone of Tonys grave. Keeping the movements as mechanic as he can manage. He's already visited Peggy's grave, and he halved the bouquet he brought for her so he can place the rest at Tony's. He lays them with a heavy heart.*
Steve: ....I hope you're happy, Tony... *He looks up at the sky, one hand brushing the top of the headstone.* ...Somewhere up there.....
: *Looking back down, he catches sight of a hooded figure not far off. His jaw clenches when he realises who it is, and he stands. The black material ripples when the figure shifts closer, and Steve sighs.*
Steve: ...Fury is not going to like this... *He raises his hand all the same, beckoning the figure closer. His heart beats faster when they respond and begin to approach.*
Loki: ...I didn't think you'd allow me visitation. *The hood surrounds his face, covering his eyes in shadow and showing only his mouth and chin. A single strand of black hair is curled near his cheeks.*
Steve: I'm hardly going to deny you the right to visiting his grave. Not even I can be that heartless.
Loki: Your lover. She is here...somewhere? Yes?
Steve: Yes, but she-she wasn't my... *He blushes lightly, clearing his throat.* My lover.
Loki: But you wanted her to be.
Steve: *Looks him in the eyes. Or what he hopes is the eyes, seeing as he can't actually see them.* ...Yeah, I did. *He watches as Loki bends at the knees until they're in the mud and, the god touches the word 'Tony' with his forefinger. He ignores 'Anthony' and 'Stark', his finger dips in the stone, tracing each letter slowly before sliding his hand dow to skim over: 'Died on'.* Did you bring him anythi--
Loki: *His hands flutter together and a single apple appears in them, nestled in the midst of white roses, making the golden colour of the apple contrast against them.*
Steve: ...Oh. *Loki places the roses over the headstone, plucking the apple out from the middle, and mutters something over them. They begin to glow slightly.* ...They're, um, they're nice.
Loki: *Sits back on his heels.* He thought so too. *Steve looks confused.* They're the first I ever gave him. ... And the last.
Steve: How--How did you keep them from dying?
Loki: *Waves a hand dismissively.* A simple spell. It preserves them perfectly. The one I cast just now, before you decide to ask, is one that prevents anyone from taking or moving them from here.
Steve: Huh...suppose a spell like that could be useful...right? *Loki doesn't answer. He rolls the apple around in his hands.* ..what's that?
Loki: An apple.
Steve; I know th-- *He cuts himself off when it's clear Loki is smirking under the hood.* ...never mind. What I /meant/... *He gives Loki a half-hearted look of annoyance, aimed at the back of his head.* ...is that they're not usually gold on Earth.
Loki: That is because they are not of Midgard. *Steve opens his mouth to ask where they are from, though the answer is obvious, but Loki cuts him off.* You can ask Thor of its origin later. I've no time for the questions you will undoubtably ask me if I tell you myself. *He places the apple where Tony's head would be, were he above the dirt instead of 6 feet below it.* ...He hated the idea of a burial. Of decomposing. But he never changed his document to give him a different fate. He never...never thought to...
Steve: No one really likes to plan their own death...
Steve: You...going to leave the apple there? Like the flowers?
Loki: *Brushes his hand over it and it glows faintly, like the roses were.* ...I'd planned to give it to him.
Steve: The-the apple?
Loki: ...Yes. ...But I hesitated. *His hands circle in the dirt around the edges of the grave.* Had I not done so, he-- *His hands clench in the mud, dirtying his nails.* He would not have been so fatally injured. He would still be living.
Steve: *He hides his surprise at Loki's voice, when it breaks after the last sentence. His jaw works as he tries to find the right words to say.* ...it wasn't your faul--
Loki: I hesitated, Captain. I /never/ hesitate.
Loki: I thought to ease him into the idea, to let him be comfortable enough with it that-- *He stands abruptly, the movement startling Steve into taking a step back.* Too long...I waited too long.
: *He presses two dirtied fingers to his mouth, kissing them softly, before tapping them on the headstone.*
Loki: *He turns to Steve.* You are honourable, yes?
Steve: *Nods quickly, startled at the sharpness of Loki's tone.*
Loki: ...Then swear you will not let my brother touch that apple. Whatever he may tell you, you swear it.
Steve: ...Yeah. Yeah, of course. I swear.
Loki: On Tony's grave.
Steve: *He swallows, pausing.*
: *He doesn't know what that apple was. What if Thor /had/ to move it? But he'd seen the blinding trust Tony put into Loki and...right here and now, that was enough for him.*
Steve: I swear on Tony's grave, I won't let Thor put even a finger on that apple.
Loki: *Pushes his hood down to look Steve in the eye. He nods once.* ...Thank you, Captain Rogers.
Steve: No problem.
Loki: *Walks past him, heading for the exit of the graveyard, probably intending on teleporting when he reaches it.*
Steve: Wait.
Loki: *He pauses, turning back.*
Steve: .....If you gave me a way to do it, I could get a hold of you...when I'm visiting Tony. So--so you can as well. With no one to try and stop you.
Loki: *He smiles, wide and sincere.* I would love to do that, Captain. To see him whenever I could. To be able to. *He turns away.* However. *He tugs his hood back on, his back straightening.* There are countless agents after me, along with my fathers assassins. And I'll not tarnish my lovers grave with their blood, should they find me here.
Loki: Goodbye.....Steve. *And then he was gone.*