Habilituatised Space AU - in which the Nine Realms were destroyed years ago and everyone lives on different 'habitulised' planets together. The Starks and Odinsons are part of an Elite class, and have it far better than everyone else. :3

Loki: I still don't see why we have to be /here/ right now, isn't there -
Thor: *Tired of his complaining.* Mother said that if she hears you complain one more time, you will regret it.
Loki: *Glares at him, but doesn't stop anyway. Just quietens.* The last time we were here, Thor, we did not exactly come out /unscathed/.
Thor: Well, while /we/ have grown, Anthony will have as well.
Loki: Growing and /maturing/ are two very different things.
Thor: /Yes/. And the line between them both is something that /you've/ yet to find, yourself.
Loki: *Opens his mouth to argue back, but then - *
Maria Stark: *Announcing her presence.* I'm so sorry to come down so late, everyone. We had a little ... /issue/ with "dress" code for a while.
: *Some of the guests laugh at that, and move aside as she comes down to meet her husband.*
Maria: *Turning toward the stairs.* Tony? Come on down and meet everyone now, the party's for you remember.
Loki: *He tenses then, aware of the pranks that Tony used to play on the "Odinson" brothers when they were younger. And though it was years ago, the memories are still fresh in his mind.*
Tony: *Holding onto the bannister carefully, he slowly begins to come down the hovering stairs, his head bent down to watch his step.(
: *Turning 21 today, he's in traditional 'Earth' clothing. The shirt that he wears is glitteringly white, and contrasts with the black, flowing trousers he has. Each step that he takes is slow, deliberate, and so unlike the bounce that he'd had when he'd been younger.*
Thor: *He straightens when his father does, not so used to the "Elite" measures of manners, yet. When he sees Tony, he clears his throat, glancing at Loki with a raised eyebrow.* Well. He grew up ... nicely, then.
Loki: *Vaguely, staring at him.* Mm.
Tony: *Guests crowd around him when he finally reaches the main floor, and he takes their compliments and wishes with a smile, taking a glass of champagne from the waiter-bot.*
Tony: *He then walks around for a while, looking for his father, before pausing when he feels someone else's eyes on him; turning to see Loki standing by the punch-table.*
Loki: *He doesn't look away when Tony begins to approach him, but his face does harden.*
Tony: *To both of them.* The Odinson brothers. Hello again. *Smiles at both of them.* You're taller than I remember.
Loki: Well, we were children then, were we not. So /obviously/ we've grown now.
Tony: *Blinks twice at his tone, but recovers easily.* ... Well then you'll remember that /I/ was a child then, as well. So I'm sorry for all the pranks that I used to submit you to, Sir Loki, I can tell that they're still upsetting you.
Loki: *Since when was he "Sir"?!*
Tony: But I hope that you'll find me better company now that I'm older, and a lot more /maturer/, too.
Loki: *Not quite sure what to say to that.*
Thor: *Nods.* Of course. What was past, will stay there.
Tony: *He smiles at him, gesturing behind.* Thank you. Oh, and please. ... try the punch, won't you? *Giving Loki one last, long look, he walks away toward his father.*
Loki: *Watching him go.* ... that didn't seem right ...
Thor: *Eagerly drinking some punch, now.* How do you mean? I think prefer him like this.
Loki: *Murmurs, giving him a suffering look.* Thor. No one can change /that/ much in only a few years ...
Thor: *Doesn't really care all that much.* Why not?
Loki: It's not right. /He/ didn't seem right.
Thor: Perhaps this is only his "/public/" face.
Loki: *He watches Tony's plastic smile as he follows his father around, asking if the guests are doing okay.* ... perhaps.
: *An hour later.*
Tony: *He's drinking from another glass, on his own now in a separate room. Turning around, he suddenly comes face-to-face with Loki and almost spills the champagne.* God - ! Do you fucking mind, you - *He stops, glancing behind Loki to see if his father's there.* I mean - *He clears his throat, glancing down.* ... sorry. You - you scared me.
Loki: *Narrows his eyes.* ... Did I.
Tony: Yes. ... you shouldn't sneak around like that, Loki. *Takes a step back.* But - anyway. *Holds the glass up with that same, plastic smile.* No harm done. *He walks past then.* Have you tried the punch - ?
Loki: *Grabs at his arm to stop him.* Would you mind if I had a talk with you, actually? In private?
Tony: *Freezes, catching his father's gaze across the crowd.* ... I - the cake's going to be cut in a minute, I can't. *He pulls his arm free, as graceful as he's been this entire time. Like he's not even human anymore, but something far more pure.* ... Another time, maybe?
Loki: *Grabs him again, pulling him away.* No. /Now/.
Tony: Wh - Loki! You can't just -
Howard: Loki Odinson.
Loki: *He pauses, looking back.*
Howard: You're a lot more /learned/ now, aren't you? A lot older?
Loki: *Releasing Tony.* I suppose.
Tony: *He stands next to Howard now, pulling his shirt back into place and looking down at the floor.*
Howard: Then you should know not to act like that. You are an Elite, remember, so behave that way. Or else your father will have to hear of it, and I'd rather not mortify him that way.
Loki: *He straightens, his face cold.*
Tony: *Glances up at him, the expression in his eyes scared for a moment before it vanishes.*
Loki: Understood.
Howard: Good. *Looking at his son.* Tony? *He sweeps a hand in front of him.*
Tony: *Follows him out, but not before glancing back at Loki just the once.*
Loki: *Frowns, standing there a little lost now.*
Tony: *Looks away, gliding back through the crowd.*
Rhodey: *He scoops some punch into two glasses, holding one out for Loki to take.* Loki Odinson ... right?
Loki: *Takes the glass, his eyes still on Tony.* Yes.
Rhodey: James Rhodes. Though - Tony calls me 'Rhodey'.
Loki: *Looks at him now.*
Rhodey: *Explaining.* I grew up with him. ... and I've got a feeling that you've noticed what I have.
Loki: *Narrows his eyes, not wanting to answer, so instead he lifts the punch up to drink.*
Rhodey: I wouldn't. /Pretend/ to drink it, if you will, but don't actually do it. You'll be asleep in three hours if you do. It's timed that way for everyone, with the chemicals inside it.
Loki: Timed? *He moves to one side, covering himself in shadow.* ... For /what/?
Rhodey: *Truthfully.* I don't know. But it's not good, whatever it is. Not /natural/.
Loki: *Annoyed.* But you don't actually know anything /more/ than that, then?
Rhodey: *Raises an eyebrow.* I know where we can find out, if you're in.
Loki: *Looking over Rhodey's shoulder at Tony, watching the way that he walks so /slowly/, elegantly, with his eyes almost sorrowful despite the smile that he has on his face.* ... what do you have planned?

Gotta love some “character death” :3

Tony: You know, just when I think I've got you all figured out, you do something else to ... surprise me.
Loki: *With his back to him, not particularly wanting to have a conversation.* Do I. I don't actually think of myself as a surprising person.
Tony: *Smiles softly.* ... yeah, me neither. That's what makes it so surprising every time, I guess ...
Thor: *To Steve.* We must learn to keep these two apart.
Steve: *Watching as they argue together, over the stupidest of subjects.* We say that every time, but they still manage to find each other.
Thor: *Sighs.*
Bruce: I give it another 5 minutes until either Tony gives it up, or Loki realizes he's in the wrong this time.
Clint: 5 minutes? I give it an hour.

If Obadiah was Mother Gothel.

Stane: You want to take control? Tony. Look to you, you're as famous as your father. But /still/ that little kid I knew, you're not so /tough/. You know why I can't give you the tower.
Tony: I know, but -
Stane: That's right! To keep /you/ safe and sound here ...
Stane: Guess I always knew this day was coming. Knew that soon you'd want to make your mark. But, not /today/.
Tony: You -
Stane: No, /I'll/ give you the way. Remember /I/ ... know best.
Stane: I know this work best, listen to my methods, our world isn't /nice/ out there. Tabloids will all talk, and one way or another, thing'll go sour, I swear ... Kidnappings, threats, bankruptcy, bullying, court-summons and moles. The /board/.
Tony: Fine!
Stane: /No/.
Tony: But -
Stane: Reminders of your /dad/, liars in their suits, and just stop me now, I'll just go /on/. Try and stay in here, stay where I can help you, being CEO's too hard ... !
Tony: *Opens his mouth to argue.*
Stane: ... Skip the working, I'll just /keep/ it. Because /I/ ... know best! *Walks away.*
Tony: *Following him to try and convince him otherwise.* Obie -
Stane: I won't change my mind, I promised both your parents, and on your own, you won't survive. Tiny, impolite, immature, /clumsy/. Please, they'll eat you up alive ... gullible, naive, always too damn dirty, touchy and a bit, well, uh ... /strange/.
Tony: *Blinks.*
Stane: And, another thing, drinking far too early.
Tony: I -
Stane: *Holds a hand up.* I'm just saying for your own good. 'Cause I understand, I'm only here to help you, and all I have is one request ...
Tony: *Staring up at him.*
Stane: Tony?
Tony: *Sighs, miserable.* ... yes?
Stane: You'll leave the company's control, with /me/ ...
Tony: *Looks down, putting his own designs on the table and nodding.* ... okay, Obie.
Stane: *Puts his arms around his shoulders.* That's my boy.

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Title: To Say I do is to say Goodbye.
Author: Frostiron_OTP

Born with the Carrier gene, Tony Stark is seen by Asgard as a rare gem. And, as those with this gene cannot reproduce unless they have intercourse with a member of the same sex, Howard’s need for his company/family line to continue overwhelms him and he agrees to a marital bond between Tony Stark and Thor Odinson. Without consulting his son first.
But then, on the actual wedding day, Odin surprisingly changes his mind about which of his sons he wants to marry Tony, and Oh, God.
Tony’s heard a whole load of rumors about this Loki, God of Trickery …

Chapter 7 now up :)&#160;: [x]

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To cheer myself up I tried to do ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ lyrics with Bucky and Steve :L only did the first part though

Do you wanna build a snowman Bucky?

Steve: ... Bucky? Don't you remember all the old days? All the times we used to play ... I thought I lost you on the train, before I crashed the plane, how did you get away ... ?
Steve: We used to be best buddies. But now we're not. I wish I could stop your pain ...
Steve: Don't you remember all the old days? We-were-inseperable-back-then-days ...
Bucky: Go away Steve!
Steve: *Looks down.* Okay bye ....
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