happy birthday! have a good one :)
+ asgardianabsinthe

Thank you darling <3333 :)

I just wanted to let you know that you're awesome and wonderful and flawless 😘 Have a great day!!!
+ amberembers

Oh wow thank you so much!!! <333333 fhksjdfgkf

+ nerdgonecrazy

Thank you!! XD

oh it's your birthday? that's wonderful! i hope you have a lovely day and get to eat loads of cake ;)
+ colorblindcity

Lol thank you! :D End of the day now but I did get cake ;))

Thanks darling :) Tried that before too though :(((( it just doesn’t want me to watch it <3333


Hmm, that’s odd. Normally they have more than one available link.

I know! Grrrr Unfortunately, they don’t for this one :/

watch series may have it on their website.

That’s what I’ve been using so far and the only link is the nbc website D: which is no longer letting me watch it *cries*

Does anyone know how I can watch “Kings” (2009) in the UK? I’m on episode 9 and it’s stopped working!!! :( Please help


Happy 19th birthday to frostironistheperfectotp!

Thank you so much for this darling! :D This is the cutest thing and made my day ;))
Happy Birthday, Darling!!!! :)
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Thank you!! :))

Happy Birthday my dear! Hope you have great day xD xxx
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Thank you so much honey!! XDD <333

Happy birthday! :)
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Thank you sweetie <333

Happy Birthday~! *tosses confetti around*
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Lol thank you sweetheart! <333

Happy birthday dear! I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)
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Thank you darling!! XDD <33333